Beyond growth in Asia: Defining an equitable vision

September 27, 2023

1880 Singapore


Economic growth has lifted much of the world out of poverty and contributed to improved living standards in the past century. However, this relentless pursuit has come at the cost of our people and planet, resulting in the degradation of our ecosystems and systemic inequality. This has a significant impact of billions of people, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, home to the majority of the world's population.

Despite increasing consensus that gross domestic product (GDP) is an inaccurate measure of progress, key policy decisions around the world are still based on this metric. Discussions on redefining prosperity beyond GDP growth that challenge conventional policymaking have gained momentum, particularly in Europe.    

How can we redefine the concept of growth for Asia and enable shared sustainable prosperity for the region? How can we prioritise the well-being of our communities along with viable economic development while respecting planetary boundaries and addressing climate change? What would replacing GDP growth as a measure of prosperity look like and what would be the implications for Asia?

In this curtain-raiser event for Unlocking capital for sustainability 2023, we will bring our partners together for a lively dialogue and networking session on the challenges and opportunities of redefining growth for Asia.




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