Ambassador Kaplan is a prominent executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose career has spanned numerous industries. He was the co-founder and Chairperson of EducationSuperHighway, a nonprofit organization that brought high-speed internet to more than 49 million children in K-12 classrooms nationwide. Professionally, Ambassador Kaplan is best known for founding Pure Digital Technologies and inventing its revolutionary Flip video camera. In 2009, Cisco bought Pure Digital Technologies and he became Senior Vice President and General Manager of its Consumer Products Division.

Ambassador Kaplan was also the founding CEO of The Melt, a chain of fast-casual restaurants. Previously he was President and CEO of and he was the founder and CEO of FamilyWonder, an entertainment and technology company.

Ambassador Kaplan was named Northern California 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and was named by Business Week among the Most Influential People on the Web in 2008. He earned a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University.