Ping is Southeast Asia partnerships manager and Philippines country head and is directly responsible for engaging with businesses invested in thought leadership conversations on sustainable business, corporate responsibility, ESG finance, climate change, sustainable production and consumption, renewable energy, waste, sustainable agriculture, smart cities, among other topics anchored on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In her role, Ping delivers end-to-end solutions for partners around multi-media content and high-level stakeholder engagement events.

She has over 10 years of project management and journalism experience.

Ping completed a course with Global Reporting Initiative and Thomson Reuters on exploring corporate impact in 2019. She completed a course on Climate Change Science, Action, and Communication with Cornell University in 2016. She is currently completing a GRI course on the 2021 Revised Universal Standards.

Prior to taking the helm for the Eco-Business Philippines office, Ping was a correspondent and was mainly responsible for producing top-level stories for the Daily Digest that goes out to Eco-Business' over 130,000 high-level and unique subscribers worldwide.

Ping’s passion for sustainable development and purposeful journalism, and how this can powerfully transform the Asean region is what excites her about her role.